Why Go Travel


Why go travel?

These days, travelling is a common activity for many people. It is a leisure activity to get away from our normal life, work and problems. If we ask a hundred of people, we can find different answers why people love to travel. Travel is about fun and excitement, about rest and relaxation and about what we want it to be. We will have a different feel and different experience from our normal routine life. 

Although travelling required us to spend more money compared to our spending in our everyday life, we still can minimize the cost such a leisure trip without a travel agency or backpacker if you travel abroad and which you can try is probably stay in hostels, apartments, cook your own meals and take public transportation. Not only travel abroad, but you also can travel in your own country so this can help you to minimize the cost. When we travel, we get different feelings from our routine life. Among the reasons and advantages of traveling:

The main reasons why do people travel?

  1. To discover new cultures. When we go travelling, we will experience with many different cultures. Along the journey, we will come across and deal with people with various behaviors, ways of life, languages, beliefs ​​and so on. Through the journey we will gather many experiences through the differences, as well as getting the lessons learned. It does not mean to praise the culture of any other place and look down to our own place. From the experiences, it teaches us to respect different values ​​and we learn many things. Not only travelling overseas but also travelling locally in our own country, every state have different culture for us to learn, the food for us to eat and many more.  
  2. Be Adventerous. Some people like adventures and try to escape from their normal routine life. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Travelling teach us on how to be very adventurous in life. When we travel, it’s like we’re challenging ourselves to try something new in life and also teaches us to be more grateful to life. When we travel, changes in the atmosphere somewhere slightly contribute to mental and physical calm. In addition, our minds are also more open and it can make we be more optimistic, patient, valuing and helping life.
  3. Witness the beauty of the earth. 
    Allah (swt) created everything on Earth for a reason. Most of us get caught up in our city lives and rarely get to go out and see natural beauty. The oceans, the mountains, the stars, the sunsets and these are all signs of Allah’s majesty and perfection in creation, and when we take it all in, we realize what a tiny place we occupy in the world. Witnessing the vast expanses of nature is one of the most humbling experiences you’ll ever have.
  4. Face your fears 
    You only fear what you don’t understand. Traveling helps you overcome that anxiety and start living; as they say,life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Traveling invites the opportunity to get lost and face your fears of the unknown. Travel is leisure, and leisure is the best way for a person to unwind and gain health benefits from at the same time
  5. Life Lessons 
    When you travel, you can’t just pack up all your belongings and take them around with you. You have to pack only the things that matter to you. It taught us about life and we learn from the lesson. Do not worry so much when you encounter problem during your travelling because it will teach us a lesson in life what can we improve or we want to experience in the future. When we are in a foreign country, we face a new environment but also in a new frame of mind. There are decisions and activities that actually boosts our brain’s thinking ability. 
  6. To spend time with families, relatives or friends
    The memories you will make are enough to last you a life time memories. Planning a holiday can be a great moment to catch up with your loved ones but you also get to see how you and they are survive with new culture and adventure.

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