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About a year ago I started to venture in my new journey which is blogging on my own travelling experiences. I focus more to travelling where I can express my passion and share my travelling experiences with my family.

At work, I write a lot and plan so many things for the company. But it doesn’t help me to freely write something that i love to do. The workload sometimes causes us stress until i find my new hobby. Since i start my own blog, i feel better and enjoy expressing myself through the written word. I want more people to understand other places and other countries and it helps readers plan their own trips and avoid costly mistakes while travelling. The comparison between writing in a blog and writing in other social media platform have different perspectives. Writing in our Facebook and Instagram mainly to our circle of friends and to ourself. But writing in a blog and many people could benefit and we able to share the knowledge and skills that are more broad.

Benefits through blogging and writing in my Jejak Travel Santai

1. Open up ideas

2. Express our feelings

3. Be creative in our thoughts

4. Release whats in our mind

5. Connect to the world

6. Find readers that have same interest

7.Gain experience in different field

8. Inspiring others

7. Potential to gain an additional income

I don’t feel stress to write something that i love to share.  I normally write when i at home if i have free time. It took me about 10mins to an hour to come up with my writing contents. And like this article i write this on my way for dinner and here you go.

Happy reading

‘My personality won’t be the same in real life. I am simple person and i have simple phylosoply of life’

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