Nihongo For My Kids

Ohaiyou Gozaimasu. This morning on the way to work, i was listening to the radio and the DJ was discussed a topic about a girl whose name is Aishah London. The conversation was between the DJ and Aishah London’s father. Aishah’s story became viral when she could speak English fluently. Aishah is a 7-year-old girl and now in standard 1. Despite living in Langkawi but her ability to speak is better than adults. Her mother and father did not teach her to speak but she learned by herself.

This topic happens at the same time where I also teaching my daughter to speak Japanese and English. My daughter is 2 years old and I’m trying to communicate to her using word by word and sentence by sentence in Japanese.

When i heard about Aishah London story, the story inspired me to teach Ayra to speak Japanese from now on. Not only speak Japanese but Ayra has shown her interest in speaking English because at home she usually watched English cartoon on the television so it make she easy to understand and learn fast. Hopefully my resolution this year to teach Ayra in Japanese and English will come true. At the same time his brother Danish was also coping to learn as well. I am very happy if my children can follow my interest which is related to Japanese language and food. For Japanese food, Ayra is too small to eat but his brother Danish has shown his interest in Japanese food. Wahhh! It’s fun. So I have a gang now in Japanese (Nihongo) and eat my favorite food. In the meantime, i also educate both of my children in islamic values. This will be the main foundation and the pillar of everything. I have shared some tips on how to teach Japanese-speaking children. I also used the same method in teaching my own children.
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