Why Islam Encourages Travel & Make It As Worship

Traveling is fun and stress-free activity and relaxing after work. Islam never forbids its people to travel as long as it does not violate Islamic law or leads to sin. Here admin will share why Islam encourages us to travel and how to travel as a worship.

Why Islam encourages its people to explore one world:
1) Hajj or Umrah

Performing a pilgrimage or umrah is one of the pillars in Islam. So Muslim are advised go to Mecca to perform the worship. Along the journey of the rituals activotu it will also creating a new experience for us. Supported by Ibn Battuta Muslim traveler and also Victoria Richard Burton wrote about this in his note.

Hajj and Umrah involve many rituals of movement and journey, such as tawafs (beginning and farewell) around Ka’bah, journey between Saf’a and Mar’wa, and journey (only Hajj) to Mina, Mount Arafat and Muzdalifah. Each of these requires pilgrims to meditate and reflect while moving.

2) The Prophet (pbuh)
Public tours are encouraged by the Prophet Muhammad because to seek knowledge. Rasulullah SAW experienced his own spiritual journey such as the night journey of Isra’ and Mi’raj which was elevated to the seven heavens, met the prophets before and received the instruction from Allah on daily prayer. The journey, the most trusted by the scholars that took place before he moved to Medina, aimed ti strengthening his decision and inner conviction about his own prophethood. Eventually, much of the prophet’s time was spent on his family’s business trip throughout the Middle East. The journey that taught on his ability to respect other cultural differences.

3) Recognize yourself
Talk to anyone who has ‘traveled’, especially solo travelers and you will be fascinated by their self-confidence, open-mindedness and the extent to which they seem to know themselves. Travel makes you better, as it takes you out of your comfort zone and forces you to ask about who you are, why you and what you are. As Muslims we believe there will be a time to be alone in front of our Creator and to seek forgiveness. The journey allows you to investigate yourself without the hope of society, culture, religion and family. Those who have done this will tell you that nothing is more liberating than just having your own expectations.

How to travel as a worship:

  • Keep your morals and beliefs on the go.

  • While traveling we are also called upon not to behave badly, especially to engage in disgrace as to do things that are contrary to the teachings of Islam. Even pure values ​​such as respect, mutual assistance and hygiene are demanded at all. The importance of religious knowledge is important to every one of us and this knowledge needs to be constantly renewed. This is because Islamic-related sciences can guide us in doing something not to contradict Islam and to save our faith from being damaged by well-drilled elements.

  • Take lessons from the places we track

  • Traveling also provides the opportunity to see the surrounding people. Beyond traveling, we can see the society in the midst of backwardness, conflict in each other and the criminality problem. What he sees can give a lesson to see in himself. We will be grateful to live in this peaceful peaceful country. We need to be aware of new things along the way. Allah warns of what is happening to mankind is to give instruction to other Muslim communities as well as the result of human neglecting to obey what is taught by religion.

  • In conclusion, traveling is part of the learning process. If we intend to travel for goodness, our every act will be blessed by Allah S.W.T and otherwise if we intend to do bad things. Let’s make our journey together something blessed by God and do not let us go on this holiday, increase our practice to God.

(Quotes from Muslimtravelbug)

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